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Sunday, May 6, 2007

after 8 tries, this

Choosing the right and the most appropriate title for this blog wasn't easy. I tried eight titles and they were all rejected because they are already taken. That means there are 8 other blogs on this subject (there could be more) and I probably came at the right time when people give their children's birthdays some fun and meaning. Having raised two kids of my own and having a 4-year-old kid in the house have all given me the inspiration to pursue this path. I have two other blogs to update but I just do not know why the idea of having a blog on kids' parties made me stop everything that I was doing in order to start this.

Our children are the most wonderful gifts we have received from the heavens. When they came into our lives everything had changed---our lifestyle and priorities and our dreams now include them. We have their welfare on top of our list of priorities. They give us so much joy and reason to live and work the way we do.

However, they will not remain children forever. In fact, childhood happens so swiftly that before we know it, it's gone.

That is why childhood is worth celebrating. Parents crack their heads worrying about ways of celebrating their children's birthdays in the most meaningful and yet not-so-costly way.

Is this possible in this world of rising prices?

Smile. This blog is not for misers nor for worriers. This one is for the kids in all of us.

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