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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

simple program for a kid's party

Should there be any formal program to follow?

Formal? No, I don't believe in following a formal program for a kid's birthday party. But it is always good to know the flow of the whole affair, or get a grip of how you want the party to go.

If you have hired clowns for the party, then the worry is in their hands. The clowns will run the show, keep the kids entertained with some magic, games, clowning, dancing, etc. If you also decide to hold it in a place like Jollibee or Mc Donald's they will also provide the MC or host who will stir the direction of the party. However, if you have not hired any clowns or you are not holding the party at Jollibee, then it is good to prepare a short program to keep the kids entertained. When you do this yourself, you need to see to it that you have a fun host or MC who can hold the attention of the kids. Here is a simple program for a kid's party:

1. Arrival of guests. While waiting for others, the clowns or maybe you can start one activity like face or arm painting.

II. (when everybody has arrived) Prayer (optional)

III. Introduction by host (occasion, whose birthday, parents--celebrant presented or introduced.

IV. Funny dance by clowns. (dance no. by some kids)

V. one game

VI. another game

VII. Song number

VIII. Banquet (music played while this is going on)

IX. Happy birthday song---blowing of candles

X. another game

XI..another game

XII. Magic (by clowns---story-telling/puppet show)

XIII. distribution of loot

IX. Everybody dance

X. Acknowledgement.

Suggested games that can be played during kids' parties will be given on my next blog entry. Have fun!

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