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Monday, May 21, 2007

why not a pool party for kids?

Pool party for kids? Sounds like fun until something happens which could spoil the whole birthday party of your kid.

This was what happened to a friend's kid birthday party which she decided to hold at a pool. Everybody was excited about it. Visitors should come prepared to take the plunge into the pool. Everything went well at first, the food was terrific, the place was incredible, everybody seemed to be having fun, until games were started.

One of the games was for the kids to race for the ball thrown into the pool. The kid that got the ball first won an awesome prize. Naturally all the kids wanted to swim for the prized ball.

When the ball was tossed and the kids heard the word "go", they all swam as fast as they could towards the ball which was in the middle of the pool. The middle part of the pool happens to be the deepest part. One kid was having difficulty swimming. A mother noticed this boy bubbling up and down in the middle of the water, gasping , hands flailing like he was asking for help.

It was a good thing that one parent saw this incident. Otherwise, the boy could have drowned and nobody would have noticed because there were just too many kids swimming in the pool.

I'd never suggest a kid's birthday to be held at the pool. It's just too dangerous and rowdy.

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