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Friday, June 22, 2007

courtesy words to be used at special occasions

When we attend formal gatherings we are expected to be at our very best in clothes, words and deed. Earlier, we have gone through some of the things to do and avoid while at such gatherings. My dear boys and girls, when at parties where adults are also invited, make sure that you avoid talking loudly or shouting. When you have a message to tell a friend across the hall, go up to him or her and not shout out the message. That's a no-no. This also holds true about laughing. It is rude to laugh loudly while at a gatheing. Show your breeding while maintaining conversation with friends or other guests. Greet everyone with a smile and use the following words or expressions that exhibit good manners.

Good evening, ma'am/sir. (to those older than you) Otherwise, just say "Good evening" to everyone.

Thank you. (after a favor has been done to you like being served something)

Please. (when asked if you want something and you want to say yes)

Excuse me. (when you want to call the attention of someone )

You're welcome or It's a pleasure. (when someone says "Thank you" because you've done her or him a favor)

I am sorry. (when you have wronged someone like when you step on someone's shoes)

May I.......Could you please.........(in asking for favor)

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Jaculbe said...

A basic way or professionalism in having a party is a courtesy words to be used.