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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Party etiquette

Here are a few basic things to guide us when attending parties.

1. When it is a formal party where guests were invited by an invitation card which you were not given, do not attend it even if another friend who received an invitation will bring you along.

2. If you are the host, greet guests as they come to the door. You should have a place for their personal items which they might want to leave.

3. As host, you need to introduce people.

4. If you are an invited guest, bring a gift for the host.

5. Use utensils from outside in. Used ones should never be placed back onto the table cloth. Rest them against the side of the plate.

6. Napkins should never be placed on the table until meal is over.

7. Never talk when your mouth is full.

8. Eat with mouth closed.

9. Never bring too much food to your mouth. Avoid making chewing sounds or utensils grating against your teeth.

10. Never pick your teeth in the open.

11. When leaving and the host walks you to the door, do not engage her in long conversation at the door.

12. Don't forget to thank the host and to tell her you have enjoyed the night.

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