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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

what kids want to wear at X'mas parties

Times have changed greatly. During my time in the 60's we donned party clothes when we went to our school X'mas party. We'd put on our best dress and our best shoes for the X'mas party was the most-awaited event in school at that time.
I got the surprise of my life when my own kids were in grade school and they started to choose what they wanted to wear for their party. In the past, they did not have such choices for I picked their clothes for their party and they were always party clothes. One day, however, everything changed. They wanted to wear ordinary street-clothes like maong pants, t-shirt, rubber shoes. I was like, rubber shoes? But they insisted, cried that they'd not attend if I did not buy what they wanted, so I had to give up.
I thought they'd be out-of-place in their jeans and rubbers, but when I took a peek in their classroom I was awakened from my ignorance, for there they were, the new kids in town attending their X'mas party in sandals, sneakers, faded pants, and what-have-you.
I learned my lesson----to be more updated on what the kids are wearing and are saying.

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Jaculbe said...

I greatly believed in having this kind of outfits in an christmas party. Kids do prefer also their own style, this would make them happy and excited in attending the christmas paty. Especially in whats in to have an outfit. For me kids do prefer printed shirts especially boys because they love watching anime unlike girls that they would prefer in casual look because they are more comfortable on it.