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Thursday, August 16, 2007

when a girl does not deserve to have a debut

This post seems to raise controversy since we know from experience that all girls turning 18 look forward to celebrating their debut. Not all, says one noted columnist who wrote an entire essay on when a girl deserves to have a debut.

In this essay he pointed out the fact that throwing a grand debut party is not a joke. Parents spend a fortune to follow all the nitty-gritty requirements of a fabulous debut bash. It's practically like throwing away hard-earned savings of many years on a daughter's turning over.

18 is supposed to be the girl's age of formally being introduced to society. It carries with it a lot of meanings and one of them is at 18 the girl is now allowed to entertain suitors and maybe have a boyfriend. She is now free to socialize with boys her own age, get to know them, and maybe go out with them. However, much of this is broken today. Girls today date and have boyfriends before 18. This being the case, the author of the essay said, what is the point of spending half a million when the essence and meaning of the celebration is no longer there? The debut party will turn out to be more of a farce than fun.

A simple party to mark a girl's transition from childhood to adulthood would be more like it if the girl has been socializing and entertaining suitors and having boyfriends before 18. But a real grand debut? Uh-uh------you no longer deserve one, girl.


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