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Monday, September 3, 2007

my son's birthday

My 23-year-old son is turning another year on the 16th this month. Since he, like the rest of the family like singing, we plan to spend it at a karaoke bar and sing the night away.

What gift would be appropriate for a 23-year-old? I know the weaknesses of my son so it should be easy for me to get a gift for him. Of course, clothes would be top of the list---he loves shirts, new ones each time because they have a way of disappearing from his closet. Second to the list would be fragrances for men. Then it would be practical to also give celebrants this age some cash.


Anonymous said...

a trip ticket would be a nice gift so he would have a time for himself, to relax and unwind. to release stress from work.-william olam

Anonymous said...

mark's and spencer shirt would be a good one. class and elegant and is perfect for him. plus a good perfume to top it all.-william olam

Anonymous said...

a package of body massage would be great. it will relieve him from his stress. it will let him rest to rest his body and regain energy for the next day. that would be a good gift.-william olam