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Saturday, November 24, 2007

went to the carnival

Last night after feasting at a friend's house, my grandkid and I proceeded to the carnival where everybody usually stops to complete the festive feeling. We first rode the roller coaster which I did not really enjoy for I was more like worried about the sturdiness of the ride, afraid that it might just break or crumble in the middle of the roller coaster commotion. It was noisy and rickety and I had to give a signal to abort the crazy round and round motion because it was making me dizzy and fearful of my life. Our next stop was at the horror ride which was supposed to scare us some more as the small shaky vehicle went in and out of a dark cave where moo-moos and some people in halloween costumes were to meet the riders and boo-boo them. Well, it was the same old trick we had last year and I wonder why our five-year-old kid still wants to ride that. We got into a duck ride, still sounding and moving like it's going to snap anytime but which the kid enjoyed, then paid another ten pesos for another shooting game in which the kid was happy to shoot or hit two toy pigs out of 12 shots.

We went home very tired.

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