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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

peppermints for a dad

What to give her dad this Christmas is the problem of one forum member.  She is asking for suggestions on the best gift to make her father happy this Christmas.  She gave everyone a background of her dad, that her dad is a very simple man who probably is content of having 10 shirts and ten pairs of pants of the same kind, who only loves to stay home and face his pc which is by the way complete with accessories, etc.  One thing stands out though among all her descriptions.  Her dad does not go out without peppermints.  He always has peppermints in the house and she noticed lately that his supply of peppermints runs out very fast because grandkids in the house would often sneak them away.  So everybody in the forum suggested that it is best to give her dad bags of peppermints this Christmas since this seems to be the only item that will make the old guy happy.

Hmmmm....peppermints this Christmas?  Why not?

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