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Thursday, August 23, 2007

so your kid is turning 1?

Parents, especially moms, get so hyper when the date of their angel's FIRST birthday party is moving in fast.

A kid's 1st birthday is supposed to be the most memorable for the parents and the baby. Should it be a themed party? Since you would like it to be a grand birthday celebration, you decided to make it a themed party. Here's a list of themes you can possibly use:
* Teddy bear party
* cowboy
* Ducky-duck party
* angel
* Rainbow party
* fruit
* Pirate b'day party
* fairy
* hat party
* princess/prince
* bunny party
* pajama
* Indian party
* career
*Alice in Wonderland theme
* star
* Under the Sea
* cartoon
* Zoo party
* Micky mouse
* Hi-5 party
* Dora the Explorer
* Disneyland
* Totally Spies
* Wonder Pets
* Blues clues
* the carnival

Those are only suggestions. I am sure you can think up of other themes. The list is endless, it is all up to you how you would want your kid's 1st birthday a most memorable one.


ma. shayne krizel said...

hey can I know who greeted me on my upcoming birthday? hehe! thanks!

mskzalameda -october 20

We value all life forms said...

October 20 is it? You will be grandly greeted on that day here.

ma. shayne krizel said...

yes it is october 20. may I know who is that good person that greeted me here? so i can thank him/her :D