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Saturday, February 9, 2008

on wearing black

Ages ago, black was only associated with anything gloomy or evil. In our country alone, people would know that a member of the family had passed away because it was a custom for members of the bereaved family to wear black when someone died as a sign of great mourning. This practice had been strictly observed and followed until a new trend took over, when, instead of wearing black, family members are now required to wear all white with a black pin attached to the left side of the dress or shirt. No longer would you see all members of the bereaved family in total blackness.

Today black is no longer looked upon as the color of death or evil. People wear it for a variety of reasons as black matches with any color and that black can tremendously make the wearer look thinner and thus, better-looking. Black has come to be associated with glam. Women who wear black are said to look more glamorous and classy. DI's in ballroom competitions prefer a totally black outfit. In beauty pageants many candidates who wear black usually appear the most glamorous. But, the big but is, according to fashion experts, women below 30 should NEVER wear a black gown or dress. Why? That's the rule, the say. Only women 30 above may wear a gown or ball dress in black.

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