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Monday, August 18, 2008

Programme for a debut

There are actually no hard and fast rules as to how a debutante's party ought to flow. It all depends on how the debutante wants it to be celebrated. First of all, the family should decide on a party theme or motif which should serve as a springboard for all the numbers that will happen during the debut. If it's a "fairy tale" type of party or a "pop star" or "rock and roll" type of party, then the programme should be based on that theme.

A debut however usually has the following segments:

(1) debutante's dramatic entrance & introduction (the debutante's father should present his daughter to the public
(2) changing the flat shoes to high heels (the father personally does this---the debutante is seated while the father changes her shoes
(3) cotillion
(4) 18 roses

(4) 18 candles

(5) 18 well-wishers

(6) 18 treasures

(7) 18 balloons

There is no ready-made script for such an occasion. The host or emcee takes charge of seeing to it that the segments are presented in the most interesting and fun way. Otherwise, the celebration will turn out to be a drab.

If you do not know how to go about the whole show, better hire a professional emcee to provide the magic for you.

After all, its success depends greatly on how well the host or emcee is able to turn the evening into an enchanting one.

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soncastillo said...

hi its me again.. do u have any idea for the cotillion de honor.. can u specify some songs. thanks hirs my email son_castillo16@yahoo.com