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Friday, October 3, 2008

writing the script

The host or emcee for any program has the duty to first of all, find out from the celebrant what she wants to happen during the party. The emcee must know the theme and the parts or numbers that had been prepared for the occasion. With these at hand, the host can now write the script around the theme and what the celebrant wants to happen. If the celebrant has no idea of the whole thing and she is giving you the freedom to organize the parts of the program, then you don't have to worry about anything. You will be the boss and the success or failure of the party depends on you. In other words, in your hands lie the party's life or death. First off, picture the whole party in your mind. How should it start? Of course the emcee holds the biggest part here. She has to prepare the opening lines in a way that would put everyone at ease and happy. Be a fun host. Deliver the lines like you are enjoying the party yourself. A program or party that starts well, ends well. Remember, the host does not merely call out the next number. She has to connect each number to the next. She has to observe and listen to the different presentations so she can give appropriate and witty transitions after each. If you can't do this, then hosting may not be for you.

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