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Thursday, December 11, 2008

script for a beauty pageant

Generally, beauty pageants consist of segments like casual wear, swim wear, interview, gown, and talent. Some pageants though hold a separate evening for the presentation of talents and in some cases, the presentation of the candidates' advocacies. Otherwise, if we have to go by the standards of traditional beauty pageants in this part of the world, everything would have to happen in one instance or one evening. The script or what the emcee or host will have to use depends on what the organizers and choreographer would like to happen. The scriptwriter or the emcee or host should know what the choreographers and organizers have in mind so he can fit the script to everything. The host or emcee has to know the general flow of the show but has to be ready to make adjustments should other matters come up other than the ones planned. In other words, the emcee has to have a good grasp of the language that he will be using so that he can easily fill in the gaps with the right lines. If he can't do this, I mean, if one doesn't have fluency of the language used, then he better give the job to someone who can deliver.

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