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Friday, February 6, 2009

the Prom Queen

It's every girl's dream---to have that much-coveted title of Prom Queen during prom night. What does it take to be Prom Queen? Does it have much to do with what you wear or your gown? Hmmm.....not really, because I know many who had the simplest gowns but were chosen as Queen of Prom night. To be chosen as prom queen, one has to have that natural ability to stand out among a crowd of beautiful faces. At prom night, everybody is transformed, everybody is beautiful. But to be able to stand out amidst the multitude of beauties needs more than just a pretty gown. It calls for the total package, the total personality of the person. How she carries herself in her gown is of prime consideration. It's not the gown,you see. It is how you carry the gown you're wearing, how you're able to blend with everyone else during the party. The prom queen is gracious, natural, and elegant even in simplicity.

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