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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hugs in US schools not allowed....

It's been a trend among teens to hug each other as a way of greeting.  However, this practice had gotten out of hand. These students just openly and unnecessarily hug each other anywhere inside the campus and this has called the attention of school authorities.  Now the practice of hugging is no longer allowed.  Hugging on campus is prohibited as a form of greeting most especially if it takes longer than 2 seconds.
Shaking of the hands or merely nodding of the head with a smile is enough greeting while on campus. Hugs are unnecessary and too distracting to the school environment.


Calculator Sniper said...

This policy just makes the student more bitter and emotionless. No wonder they just go and shoot innocent people. They lack emotional security that can be attained through hugging.

We value all life forms said...

It is really confusing in this day and age of permissiveness. But school authorities may have their own reasons for banning such. Maybe the practice had been abused to the point of encouraging sexual activities among students.