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Thursday, May 7, 2009

so your friends hate you because you are an obsessive borrower

From hairbrush, to lip gloss, to cologne---come on, who wants a friend who behaves like a leech, sucking all her friends dry of personal supplies. What a shame. Personal things like lipstick, powder, comb are personal and not to be passed around or used by another person. You just don't know about the other person and how tricky these germs can be.

A student at a local dormitory for girls has been the subject of gossip because she thrives on others' things. She never buys her own stuff including clothes. She would borrow her dormmates' blouses and pants, sometimes without their permission.

Borrowing is very similar to begging. But in borrowing there is this unwritten contract that the item borrowed will be returned. But how do you return lipstick or cologne borrowed from a friend? That's hard.

So guys, don't be a leech. Buy your own stuff. Stop borrowing people's things. It's a shame!


Anonymous said...

Good thing I don't have such friends.

One more thing everyone hates: when your brother borrows your stuff for someone else then HE never gets it back for you.

We value all life forms said...

What? Borrowing from you for somebody else? That's abuse in capital letters.