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Friday, November 13, 2009

a child's b'day party turned into chaos?

A kid's birthday party should be fun, entertaining, and memorable not only for the celebrant but also for the guests as well. However, much too often, kids' parties almost always turn chaotic because one, you're dealing with kids and you know how kids are. So it is important to have a program that will not cause inconvenience to the adult guests without removing the fun from the kid guests. What some do is have separate preparations for the kids and the adults but on the same day but at different time skeds. In the invite card, it states what time the party for kids starts and when it ends. Usually the party for adults starts as soon as the party for kids ends. This kind of set-up isn't perfect since it extends the party longer than necessary and thus create more chaos than needed. Just picture this scenario: Kids eating their own food with their parents or yayas by their side. When it is time for the parents to eat, the kids are still by their side and they could not help feeding their children with "real" food as they are also eating. I mean, why have separate times for eating? You can have separate tables for kids and adults, the kids getting their food first while assisted by an adult, and as they are eating, the adults can also start getting their own food so they can at least eat along with their children. This way the party will end without much ado. When you separate the parties, one doesn't know whether the party has already ended or has just started. That spells chaos. And as I have always been saying, the secret to keeping the attention of everyone intact is a good host.

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