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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

toughie and the rain....

It was one of those rush days because it was a Monday morning and it was raining. It was a perfect day for judging people by how they look as everybody was going about their business in the rush hour. It was drizzling and , after dropping my grade 2 kid at school, I was heading back home when I passed by several scenes that caught my attention. One of these was the father-and-daughter scene in which I instantly made a summary of what my eyes saw at that time. The tough-looking father (with mustache and muscles) was dropping his daughter to school and their means of transport was a motorcycle. The 13-year-old girl was holding an umbrella which protected her head from the rain but whose legs were all splattered with mud. The tough-looking daddy was using his hanky to wipe the mud off her daughter's legs. I found this touching for in the mind of the dad must have been this thought: "since I could not afford a car in which to protect my daughter's legs from being splattered with mud, I must do this..."

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