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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Happy, happy b'day to Racheldarcy!

It is the birthday of a Mylot friend by the name of Racheldarcy and she is turning 34 today. Isn't it the coolest age to be? To Rachel, happy birthday!!! Another Mylotter happens to be celebrating her b'day today--happy natal day to Suryaxxx!


Rachel said...

Thank you so much - the icecream and cake looks fantastic - i'll be along to your house later to eat it!!


funny said...

He..he..he..tell me more about that banner ad which makes you earn every month. Does it not go against Google?

wenfri said...

Hick Happy Bday Have a glass of Bingo (whine)
Enjoy Glad I was invited LOl Hope funny enjouy my post LOL
Many sloppy turns for the day Don't slop your dripper and lose the bRoom key gosh gooly kould me messy
Hab fun Till next year