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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

what's in the loot?

For kiddie parties what to put inside the loot bag can be a whole lot of a problem. Add to that the task of stuffing into each bag all the items you want the kids to take home. If you have invited 50 kids, that means stuffing each of the 50 bags with all the goodies you have prepared.

See to it that you give each kid loots containing exactly the same goodies. You don't want to spoil the party with kids crying and fighting for items they could not find in their bags. Stuff in exactly the same goodies. Kids can be very keen on this. If other kids' bags contain small bells or horns and others do not, the party will surely become a crying party.

Remember moms to always use uniformity in give-aways because kids compare and they will always want what others have.

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