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Monday, May 7, 2007

like a princess

To look, feel, and be treated like a princess is a dream-come-true of every debutante. That is why the event of turning 18 is a much-look-forward- to day by girls of all types. After all, a girl is only 18 once that is why today, the debut is one of the most popular social events which cost parents a fortune. One girl who was approaching 18 was asked by her dad what she wanted when the day came. She was given only two options: a car or a grand debut. She chose the latter. Her dream debut venue was at a poolside where everything unfolded like a fairytale coming to life. Pink and white balloons floated on the pool and the debutante came out from an arc of balloons where she was met by the members of the cotillion who were all dressed elegantly to complete the fairytale effect. It was one fantastic night for everyone.

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