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Monday, May 7, 2007

planning is the key

The success of any event lies in the planning which should happen months before the big day. If it is a wedding or debut, many months of planning is needed for a smooth and successful celebration. Those who can afford it might opt to hire a planner or organizer or coordinator to do all the worrying. But this may prove to be a lot more expensive than if you do the planning yourself with the help of your family and friends. A list of the things you need to consider months before and involving willing relatives might be of help. First, the date. If it is a church wedding you need to coordinate with your parish or pastor about the date to avoid conflicts. You don't want to share the limelight with another couple. If it is a birthday, such a debut, the date of the celebration is also important. Certain engagements and schedules might run in conflict with the actual birth date of the debutante so much so that an adjustment will have to be made on the date of the celebration. I would like to point out a certain dilemma which happened to one debutante whose birthday happens to fall on a day before a final examination that she and her friends and classmates will have to take and pass. She could not sacrifice her whole future for one single birthday. However, she wanted to celebrate her debut so much that she had to make a decision, and that was, to move her party 3 days after her final exams. By doing so, she was assured of the full attendance of her classmates and best friends on this very special day of her life. How did the party go? I was the host so I should know. I will talk about it in my next entry.

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