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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

simple debut programme

I searched the web on this one but many times my search for "debut party" or "debut program" led me to porn sites I wondered why. What were they thinking?

Giving up, I have decided to share my own debut programme which I had tried as emcee in a number of debut parties. Of course, debut parties should be as different as the debutantes themselves. It all depends on what they want to happen. Do they want the party to be serious or formal? Then your programme and hosting style should also adapt to these requirements. If they want the party to be fun yet memorable, as host you also need to spice up your act with a few gimmicks. They might want the party to be wild or loud, so be it.

The host should coordinate with the debutante's family and ask them what they want. Anyway, the programme which I am going to give are only suggestions or tips which any host or emcee can use as guide. Feel free to add or remove numbers which you think are not so important. Let's start.

The success of the programme starts long before the arrival of the guests. The right atmosphere should be set. The place or venue must be perfectly set and soft classical music should be well chosen enough to give the guests the most pleasant welcome. Ushers and usherettes should help the family of the debutante to receive the guests. What is most appropriate is for the debutante herself to welcome and receive the visitors.

However, they have made some changes here because the family and organizers would want the debutante to be rid of this welcoming part and make herself "invisible" to everyone so she can have a most dramatic entrance when the time comes.

When everyone has settled, the most important people, the family as well as the relatives and godparents of the debutante will make their entrance. When they have settled, a number of options may follow:

Entrance of debutante with escort


Intro by host
Welcome by father of debutante
Entrance of debutante with escort
RElease of 18 balloons
Harana or love song to be sung by a gentleman

--- 18 Candles & wishes
---blowing of candles after birthday song by everybody
---slicing of cake
---18 treasures
--- 18 roses
Speech of gratitude by debutante

Dancing, dancing, dancing


Anonymous said...

..tnx for the sequence of programme it helped me a lot. tnx

joanne said...

thank you for posting this. I've got an idea and it helped. :-)