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Thursday, May 17, 2007

to be wed in June?

For weddings that I hosted, I'd usually ask the couple to clue me as to what they would like to happen at the reception. They'd usually give specifications and preferences which I jot down, like in the flow of the program, they might want certain numbers to come ahead of some numbers or might want to add or skip some of the rituals. Make your program very flexible, allowing for last-minute changes like deletions or insertions.

A regular wedding in the Philippines would have the following items. I know that a lot of people are looking for this because right after each program I hosted a few would come to ask for the copy or script, if I would like to give it away. So here's a sort of a guide that a weding host or MC can follow. This happens at the reception.

I. Arrival of guests (newlyweds receive and welcome them at the entrance to the reception)

II. Entrance of bridal entourage. (when the guests are seated)

III Entrance of the couple who pass through the arc where a shower of blessings (confetti) are released before the start walking in)

IV. Release of doves.

V. (couple might decide at this time to hop from table to table for picture-taking or might want to have this in the middle of the banquet) Couple will proceed to their place at the presidential table. Host gives the introduction.

VI. Welcome speech by groom's or brides's parent(s).

VIII. Prayer before Meals.

IX. Banquet during which entertainment numbers like song and dance renditions can happen.

X. (middle of meal) Speech by one of the principal sponsors

XI. (towards dessert) cutting or slicing of the cake

XII. A bite of the cake---couple take turns feeding each other with a slice of the cake (emcee gives the symbolism while everything is done)

XIII. Toast (by best man)

XIV. Ceremonial drinking of the wine.

XV. Removal of garter.

XVI. bouquet toss

XVII. garter toss

XVIII. slipping of garter into leg of the lady who caught the garter

XIX. Wedding dance.

XX. Dance, dance, dance.

As I said earlier, make the program very flexible. You may want to add or change some of the numbers there. Make it fit the overall mood of the affair.

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