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Saturday, June 2, 2007

b'day gift for mom

Finding the right gift for our loved ones, particularly for our mom, can be an arduous task. You need to consider the following before rushing to the nearest mall: your budget, mom's age, mom's interest, the occasion. You might have noticed that in all my suggestions, budget is always top of the list. What you buy for your mom will depend on what you can afford to buy. How far can you go? Do yo have that much cash to buy her a new washing machine or do you only have a limited budget?

Years back my children gave me a fish in a bowl as a birthday present. I also received such gifts as blouses, skirt, make-up kit from them. I have worn and used all those gifts except for the fish that died after a few months because of overfeeding.

As a mom, I'd appreciate and welcome such gifts as a pair of fancy earrings, a red wallet, or a handy bag. If money is a problem then why not surprise her with a good deed like giving the house a whole new look---cleaning it and rearranging the furniture, changing the curtains, etc. Make sure that you do this while she's out doing the marketing. Or, volunteer to be the cook of the day, or dishwasher of the day. There are various other creative ways to make moms happy. You can put up posters all over your place saying, "to the best mom ever: happy b'day!" or "We love you mom! Happy b'day!" Moms are pretty sentimental and touchy and they will appreciate such gestures. Come on, give your mom that perfect gift now.

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