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Thursday, June 28, 2007

planning a shoestring wedding

With high cost of living, having a grand wedding could be the farthest thing that will cross the minds of those who plan to tie the knot. A dream wedding could amount to millions if the couple has that much money to waste for a single moment of blessedness. It is all worth it, we know that, but to splurge one's many years of savings on a wedding may not be a very good way to start a new life together.

Who says that only the moneyed have the right to marry? Planning an inexpensive wedding may be the wisest decision that a couple can do for starters. What are the ways in which a couple can have a dream wedding on a budget? Is that possible? Of course if you allow ample time for the planning and preparation to happen on a slow but sure manner. Preparation should be done at least six months before the date and by this time invitations should have been finalized and printed.

If the budget is very limited, then it is not wise to hire a wedding planner. You can plan your own wedding with the help of close friends and family. Here are the things you need to consider in planning your own wedding:

1. number of guests (hiring a caterer may be more expensive but it takes off a lot of the headaches that come while preparing for the reception; if possible, contact a caterer that gives the best offer----remember, the caterer does not only prepare the food but also does the table setting as part of the package and may even provide the venue)

2. wedding dress (borrow, rent, buy, have it made----which is the least expensive?)

3. wedding attire for the bridal entourage (borrow, rent, have them made----of course the last one is always the most expensive---if you get your own relatives and friends they might even volunteer to pay for their own gowns)

4. Cake (find out if the caterer can make this as part of the package)

5.transportation (rent or borrow?)

6. invitations (can be personally done if you have a computer and printer---start making six months before)

7. venue (if the caterer cannot provide this, you can have this at your own house or a relative's house)

8.emcee (a friend or relative will do)

9. entertainment (singers, live band----friends, members of your church's choir, family)

10. church (of course, you need to arrange your schedule here long before to avoid conflict)

11. wedding favors (can be handmade, you can buy the raw materials cheap--start making them several months before)

There are countless of other details like the rings, bouquet, garter, wine etc. that had been missed out. Be sure to make a list of these and assign two or three people to take charge of them. With that said, you're on your way to a shoestring wedding.

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