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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Pirouette is one of the most famous ballet movements wherein the dancer spins around on demi-pointe on one leg. The other leg can be in various different positions.

Pirouette was the title of the cultural show we watched last night with my five-year-old grandkid at the Luce auditorium. It was actually my granddaughter's debut as an audience of a cultural show which she really enjoyed.

It was an evening of enchantment. The costumes were superb, the background of the stage was classy, the choreography fresh, and the dancers were well trained.

Clean, with no clutter and with soft colors coming from the costumes, lights, and backdrop, I should say were were, during the entire presentation mesmerized.

I've never watched a ballet show for many years and last night's experience told me that I should watch more.

Ballet wasn't the only fare we had last night. There were contemporary renditions of our native dances, some jazz, and hip-hop numbers. This is actually an annual presentation of the MEV Dance Studio located in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

When the show was over, guess what my five-year-old company said. "I loved it!"

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