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Saturday, August 4, 2007

kid crying at b'day party

While the kids in the nursery class were singing happy birthday to Dewey who celebrated her birthday with her classmates, a boy was wailing on top of his lungs. I went up to him to try to cheer him up, asked him what he wanted, would he like a different animal hat or what? The boy just did not stop from crying. When the kids lined up to give their gifts to the celebrant this kid continued to cry and wouldn't stand up. He did not seem to like the idea of giving away the gift to the brithday girl. The teacher told me that this boy is really like that. Each time someone is celebrating a birthday, he always cries because he wants it to be HIS birthday! ain't he cute? Now I think the mommy will have a hard time explaining to this 5-year-old kid that birthdays happen once a year and on particular dates, and that everyone has his or her own birthday, and that he will also have his own birthday.

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