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Saturday, August 25, 2007

gift-wrapping ideas

Gift-wrappers can be very costly. If you are giving gifts to a dozen people and you pay for gift-wrapping service, that could cost a lot of money. There are a number of alternatives to consider if you want to have a more personalized, creative, as well as environmentally friendly gift wrappers. So you don't have to buy expensive gift wrappers each time, try making your own from:

1. hemp (details are at http://www.eartheasy.com)
2. any soft fabric and make a gift bag out of it
3. comic strips or comic sections
4. calendars
5. your children's art work
6. old maps
7. newpaper
8. glossy magazine covers

The trick is in the finishing touches. Give your gift that classy look by using a nice ribbon around it. For a more detailed description of how and where to purchase these wrappers with low environmental impact, visit http://www.eartheasy.com

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