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Friday, August 24, 2007

gift ideas for a boyfriend

I find looking for the perfect gift for a man both hard and easy. It is easy because men are not complicated beings. They are simple when it comes to shopping----no frills, just basic. So in looking for a gift for him, it should not be too hard to choose from a limited variety of stuff that men use. However, this simplicity and lack of complication also makes the task difficult for choosing from a limited number is not that easy.

Women have come up with a variety of ways to make their men happy on their birthday. When I shop for a birthday gift I stick to the basics. So here's a list of things your beloved bf or husband will surely appreciate:
1. a good shirt (but get the right size and the color he prefers) ---I am putting this as my gift no. 1 because all men appreciate a good shirt that he could use at work.

2. wallet---if you notice that his wallet has fallen apart

3. a personalized lighter (if he smokes)

4. an expensive cologne (if he's fond of this)

5. socks, hankies, undies (this never fails)

6. an expensive tie (if he wears one)

7. a good mousepad with a wrist rest ( for computer junkies)

8. a personalized mug (if he is a coffee drinker)

9. a bestselling book he'd been wanting to read

10. bottle of exotic wine (if he drinks)

11. an organizer/planner

12. a huge comfortable pillow with your face on the pillow case which you can have printed

A dozen gift ideas for your beloved. As was already mentioned, keep it simple and basic.

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