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Sunday, September 23, 2007

gift ideas for kids

The season for giving gifts is just a couple of months away and before we know it, it will be here and making last-minute decisions relative to gift-buying might turn out exhaustive and unpleasant. So why don't you do your shopping this early so you won't have to squeeze yourself through in the midst of overcrowded places? Or fall in line and the line is like the length of the entire wall of China, this can really be exasperating. So what do you do now? Simple. Try to start shopping now, two or three gifts at a time and note down the names and the stuff you have bought so you do not have to buy again.

Gifts for kids vary according to their age. For 11 to 14, consider any of the following: cellphone, bracelet with her initials, trendy bag, cool shirt or blouse, money (always welcome gift), pair of nice rubber shoes (but get the right size), pants. For ages 8 to 10: clothes that fit them, money, comic book, cellphone. Toys for ages 4 to 7: kids this age seldom appreciate clothes. They'd always prefer toys. In buying toys, see to it that they are toys that have educational value. There are a lot of these in stores.


christopher calumpang said...

yes,the season of giving gifts is fast approaching. It is nice to recieve and to give gifts to your loved ones especially to the kids. So, as early as now,we must think of the things we might give to our loved ones. The tips you have shraed will surely be a good source for us.
Thanx for giving us tips on what particular item to buy with different ages. With this, my nephews will surely be happy with the kind of gifts im gonna giving them.


Tosca said...

We make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings. Giving gifts to your relatives and to the poor is always been blessed. Starting now, we can feel the air of Christmas. We rush in buying and packing gifts for our love ones so a great idea of yours is to make a good start of buying gifts as early as today. There are people who oftenly made mistakes in giving gifts because of mistakenly wrapped or mistakenly gived.
Advance Merry Christmas to you Miss!!

jHoaNna Lou pLanteraS said...

"the more you give,the more you recieve",this is my favorite saying..hehehe..yah,i really believe in this saying since my favorite season of the year is approaching..right now,im starting to earn from my allowance in order for me to buy lots of gifts for my family,cousins and friends..hope they will also share their blessings to me..hehehe

Anonymous said...

Giving gifts to other people will make them happy even though how small it is as long as its heartily given. Thats why even though it is not christmas time we can share our blessings to those people who are in need of it.