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Sunday, September 23, 2007

tips for halloween party....

So you wanna shock the entire neighborhood with your halloween blast at home. Let us go over some tips on how you will be able to do this.

1. Have everything in the house in BLACK----everything---including the food.

2. Spider webs everywhere and have some toy spiders crawling on the food.

3. BLOODY theme---have everything in screaming red. Have blood everywhere! Serve blood drinks and bloody food!

4. BONES, SKULLS....serve your guests with nothing but bones----ribs, bone cookies, bone candies, etc. Have skulls and bones lying around the house

5. GHOST theme. Let everyone come in ghost outfit and serve them with ghost food.

In the party have lots of games and dancing. You can have a fashion show of your guests and choose one with the best halloween outfit. That's it. Don't forget your eerie music to complete the scene. Happy halloween, everyone!


Jun Rey S. Lim said...

I really wish to do all the tips given for this coming halloween with all of my friends and relatives, following it step by step as stated in the web for us to have fun, different but perfect experience this halloween.

Jun Rey S. Lim said...

Thanks for giving us the ideas of what to this coming halloween to have a perfect halloween to remember with our friends and relatives.

Jun Rey S. Lim said...

The Tips that are stated at the web are perfect to have this halloween it is being well planned and well made.All are useful to have a perfect halloween party.

christopher calumpang bscs-4 said...

Thank you for sharing this halloween tips ahead of time. This will surely help us in the preparation for the upcoming halloween party. The tips you have presented will definitely perfect and will suite the essence of halloween party. Yes, the tips are very useful and surely with the help of your halloween tips, our upcoming party will be considered a memorable one.

from:christopher calumpang

Tosca said...

Holloween Party ideas of yours is a cool trend! I also like this to apply it to my family for a great gathering. I also wonder why we didn't practice 'trick or treats' for the children for them to have fun. It is also a good start of giving and sharing while waiting for Christmas to arrive.

[tosca danica r. aspera]

jHoaNna Lou pLanteraS said...

awOOohHhh..!!..giving us a tips on how to make our halloween more interesting was a very very great idea..it's realy great to have an awesome halloween party for us all to feel the real essence of a halloween party..your ideas are very rare and it is not common compared to others..those tips makes me scare right now even if halloween is just approaching how much more when it was really halloween day..huh..!!!!..

Anonymous said...

halloween approaches so fast..people petrified??? running out of plans how to assemble the party gladly this sites generosity is so much of a rescue...we plan to go for a bit simplewith just the idea of creepy trappings and music to bounce the night .than to leave us not moving out of fright...not to mention the tricks or treat....LOL ....nbrian taala..