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Sunday, November 18, 2007

what to give a five-year-old this X'mas

We have a five-year-old kid in the house who loves to paint. Whenever we go to a department store she'd always look for stuff she could use for painting and would always ask us to buy one for her. The bad thing is, it makes our house messy. She uses a lot of paper and water that she mixes with the colors and this activity creates dirty colors everywhere----in her hands, face, legs, sofa, floor, etc. So definitely we are not giving her anymore of those stuff. Which leaves us with a problem. What do we give her this X'mas that she will appreciate?

Dolls seem to be temporary favorites of hers and they never last as their torsos and extremities seem to be bound to be broken or detached. Clothes do make her happy but after that she'd still look for toys, like clothes are not supposed to be gifts. She used to have a dollhouse complete with all the furniture which got lost after a while.

A toy computer? Hmmmm.....could cost much, but we'll see.


Kae Pearl said...

Hi Mark's mom... I'm actually a high school batchmate of Mark's back at Saint Paul. Anyways, i came across this blog and i just had to comment. I also have a 5 year old. She actually just turned 5 last week and for her 5th birthday my mom, her grandmother, gave her a Barbie laptop. Usually, Im against any toys that makes a kid stay put and sit on their rear ends for hours. Im more of an activity mom, but i am really impressed with this laptop. It has over 80 games... reading, spelling, math, music, etc. It has its own mouse with a mouse pad and a memory card. It really looks like a real laptop and my daughter just loves it. She tells everyone it's the best bday gift she's received this year out of 100 others.. lol. and to think She also received a cute little yorkie from her dad that she's been asking for ever since she could talk. So yes a toy computer for a 5 year old would be an awesome gift!

We value all life forms said...

Hi kAE Pearl! Thanks for the tip! Where are you situated now? Are you out of the country now? It's nice to hear from you. I will tell Mark about this.:)