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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

masquerade theme for a debut

It sounds like fun to be going to a gala party where everybody is dressed formally, as in gowns and coats but I do not know if the wearing of masks especially if it's a debut bash would not rob the party-goers the comfort of not having anything that covers the face. For one, masks can be very cumbersome especially those that do not fit well. They can make the wearer feel uncomfortable because it can be hot after a while, and also, its smell can actually suffocate the wearer. Another thing, when one starts to sweat, the make-up would most likely run and ruin the beauty of the wearer when the time to remove the mask comes. One more drawback is the unwanted appearance of gatecrashers or uninvited guests---you never can know. A masquerade party works well during halloween or maybe a JS prom for a change, but for a debut, I don't think the idea will work.

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