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Sunday, October 26, 2008

planning an event or a party

Budget is the first thing to be considered before planning any event or party. It is the budget which determines the general tempo of the party. However, one can always work around a limited budget if you have enough time to personally prepare some of the things needed instead of hiring someone to do this. By personally doing or making some of the party stuff you need, you can actually save a lot of money or use this for other party necessities. What are some of the things you can personally prepare?

1. party give-aways---personally- made party favors are better appreciated and actually come out more beautiful than the commercial ones

2. cake --- if you can bake or if any member of your family can prepare this, then this could mean a lot of savings for you

3. food --- preparing the food by hiring one or two chefs can be a huge help to your budget

4. hosting---a close friend or any member of the family can do this (for a guide, you can refer to any of the old posts here)

5. venue---if you have a nice place you don't have to rent one

6. decoration----flowers, balloons, ribbons, etc. are easily available---you can tap your friends or relatives to help you out with this

There are many ways in which a party planner can turn a small-budget event into a blast. For more discussions, please refer to the old posts in this blog.

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