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Monday, April 12, 2010


Politics in the Philippines is crazy. Just look everywhere and you see the lipsticked and hatted politicians with fake smiles plastered all around. It is hilarious how these politicians now wear their fakest smiles just to win the hearts and votes of gullible Pinoys. And they have resorted to tactics used by trapos and that is mudslinging, challenging one to undergo a psychological test for he probably feels that lying is an acceptable trait. What? Habitual lying is a psychological disorder he needs to have his mind checked ASAP. A habitual liar can't be running the country for his leadership will surely be flavored with dark controversies. What else has he kept secret from the public? And have you seen their faces on television while they are posing with crowd-drawing celebrities? Don't they look like greedy monsters? Just look at their faces. They're all saying, "I want to win, I love nothing but power and money!" What clowns!

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