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Saturday, May 8, 2010

rebonding vs. semi-rebond

I was told that the difference between full rebond and semi-rebond depends only on the amount of hair being ironed during the ironing process. The same medicine is used but it is only in the amount of hair and amount of time put in ironing which differentiates the two processes. The difference in price of the service is a bit huge so you might want to go for the cheaper one.


Anonymous said...

my friends told me that semi-rebonding doesn't have good results. is this true? but i've read online that a lot of people say it has nice results. does it really depend on the salon or the product they use? if so, where do you recommend is the best salon?

gRamiraf said...

HI there! I had my hair rebonded almost a month now and I am very satisfied. All my friends say I look better and I think so too. I do not have to worry much about what to do with my hair during special occasions. I just let it be. I don't know where you are, but in our place there are a number of good salons where you can have rebonding. I had mine at Marirose Beauty Salon, right across Landbank.

hate said...

@gramiraf: How's the result of your hair after getting it rebonded at Marirose? I wanted to have my hair rebonded but I am still looking for nice and cheaper salons. :)