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Sunday, September 19, 2010

comparing one's self with others kills creativity and uniqueness

A lot of young people today are so into looking at what others are doing that they no longer make themselves think of what they can do to make a difference in this world. A case I would like to point is one girl who wanted to win a cheering competition. In the process she became desperate because she kept on looking at what the other teams were doing. When she saw what the other teams had and which their team did not have, she would do everything to have exactly what the others are having. Result? All the four teams' performances were devoid of uniqueness and originality. They looked alike and moved alike. They almost had the same jingles and the same gimmicks. It is sad to see this general deterioration of the imagination.

The best thing to do under such a situation is to do your own thing. Never look at what others are doing. So you see them doing a certain routine? Okay, fine. That's THEIR routine and not yours. The best way to avoid having feelings of insecurity and desperation, is to focus on what you are doing. Leave the others alone to do their thing. This way, you will be allowing your creative juices to flow.

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