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Thursday, September 9, 2010

paying for the "ambiance"/ ambience

Out of curiousity, we checked out the latest high-end restaurant located at the heart of the city.

Upon entering the place, you will be impressed by the coolness, cleanliness, beauty, and novelty of the dining area. Uniformed waiters with ready smiles popped the question on whether we wanted a table for two or four or however many we were, but I preferred one area with cushioned seats.

Pronto, the menu was delivered and my eyes popped out when they saw the numbers which were way too high from what foods made on earth are supposed to cost! I mean, hey, did they cook this in heaven?

Since the food items cost like they would eat up an entire week of budget, we chose to only settle for one dish that was good for five, rice, and drinks. We weren't that hungry anyway, and we're on diet, so.

The drinks came, then the food, and boy, did I regret having eaten there. The drinks tasted weird to me and the dish we ordered was overcooked. Obviously, we weren't able to consume the food and I was only able to take one sip of the drink I ordered which cost almost a hundred bucks!

One does pay highly for "ambiance." Erap, after all, was right. Next time, do not order for "ambiance". Ang mahal-mahal naman ng ambiance na 'yan.

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