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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is it to "party?"

Great. I was at this party and all I did there was sit and eat. The food was good, the venue was a delight, and the people were fascinating but at the end of the evening, I felt like I hadn't exactly partied. Why? I didn't get to dance because the people who I know there weren't up to dancing while my feet were itching to hit the dance floor and exercise myself to death to the beat of the latest songs being played. Sigh. What's to party, anyway? It is to enjoy and have fun and one doesn't get that sitting down nor is eating my idea of fun. What a bore. The people who I asked to dance were way younger than me in years but they seem to be suffering from a case of early old age.

I have observed several times in many parties that when the time comes for everybody to dance, people would start going home, leaving only a handful who want to keep the party alive but are unable to do so since everybody has already deserted the affair.

Do we only attend parties in order to sit and eat? Come on....

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